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Every day we pick up our phones and if you’re anything like me, you have gotten most of your shopping via Amazon.  If not there, at least someplace on the internet.  From Amazon to Instacart, I mean who uses cash anymore? Venmo me, please! The problem with this new way is that small business can’t compete with the budget these big gurus have. If you’ve heard me say it once, I’ll say it again because small business IS my blood.  It has been since I was a small girl.  Even big franchises like Mcdonald’s are SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS.  They are men and women like Papa Chin (my dad) who do the daily hustle and grind to provide for their families.

 I’m a small business and you know what? I can’t compete with the delivery time of amazon. Reaching a proficient level of excellence in the arts isn’t something you can “prime” to get in the same day.  It takes YEARS of tenacity, heart, and commitment; sometimes not seeing big results for a very long time but trusting in the process.  Now of course everyone will read that and agree but many will also follow the whim of their kiddos to just jump to the next thing they want to “try” when the going gets tough.  Small service businesses like mine can’t “prime” success and results ladies and gents.

The bike shop? Party Fair? Carella’s Chocolates? Cross and Shamrock? Pizza places? Yeah, no big budgets there either!  You could certainly go to Walmart and get your kiddo a bike for half the price but they also won’t go on the journey of memories like Bernie’s Bike shop for the first tricycle to the 10-speed that will get your kiddo from a friend’s house to friends house…(wait do kids even ride bikes house to house anymore?).  Carella’s? Well, they don’tt have a chocolate ride that backs her candy or mascots or a theme song for that matter.  I’ll tell you what she does have, long-standing history of serving this town with all heart and generosity.

Listen, I totally get it, for real I do.  Remember, when I write I share my heart as a mom first.  Life is busy, really busy…..but we have to make time.  Did you know most kids actually end up back in the town they grew up in?  That means small business owners are responsible for providing meaningful career opportunities for our youth.  They (We) can’t do that unless we are around to do it. 

This holiday season I’ll go on my annual small business shopping day with my bestie as we have done 19 years going strong.  We have never missed a year.  We save all our shopping for that one day! This holiday season, remember what it felt like when the town came together to keep these places open the last few years, and let’s get back to it.  There is nothing like supporting your hometown, or better yet, nothing like supporting the business that gives back to make your hometown great.  Pink Friday is upon us.  It’s a day to celebrate and bring awareness to small businesses and we will be doing our part by “Dancing on the Doorsteps” of small businesses in our town.  Even if you can’t join us in person we hope you’ll join us in heart this holiday season…. Put a present under another’s tree that maybe didn’t come from the Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville;). Trust me, you’ll be glad you did❤️