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This upcoming recital I will celebrate my 22nd year “in the wings”. Over the years, I have learned that a true sign of a professional educator is mastering the art of slowly becoming no longer “needed” in every moment, but the JOY of being a “part” of the big moments.  Our kids are getting professional training where our mentors are not the sages on the stage, they are empowering them by being a guide on the side. 

As I enter the 2nd part of my career, I am realizing more and more how our mission reaches far beyond our walls. In 2023, I will have the privilege of speaking to hundreds and hundreds of studio owners and educators in events spanning from Orlando, Vegas, Wisconsin, and the privilege of representing YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance) on national competition stages. 

 When I speak, there is one mission that has always been in my heart. The professional is passionate about preparing kids to win in life beyond the stage. We love dance, yes, but we love when they crush every life moment with confidence even more.

 If you have been with us for any number of years, you will notice some big changes we made to our facility this season.  Those changes are only a sample of big things coming.  These big things go along with the age of our organization and the deep impact our work has had in our community. Over the next few months, you will see some more changes and unveils that you won’t want to miss being a part of! 

Being a part of Dance It Up is something that will have you standing out, standing up tall with pride, and reaching out to bring others along on this journey.  We have always been more than a dance studio.  We have always been more than a recreational activity. We have built a village, we have built a place where life lessons are the backbone of what we do, we have built a place where grace and love is the baseline, and acceptance has made this a home to all who walk through our doors.  

In 2023, Dance It Up is the place to be. It’s the place to grow.  It’s the place that was built to bring the mission of building your child up on the stage of life to win in all they set their mind to. It’s the place that is truly MORE than just great dancing!

Miss Jennifer