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We know you have been looking for a meaningful gift that won’t end up in the back of your kids closet. Something that will excite them long after the day that they open it on Christmas morning. That is why we came up with the PERFECT gift for you!

Give them the gift of confidence, performance and class…give them the gift of dance! Gift them a dance class to enjoy January through the recital season ending in a performance. And the best part? You get…

🎁19 weeks of classes
🎁a showday costume
🎁membership fee included
🎁performance fee included (includes a recital shirt and link to the show recording)

And that’s not all…

⭐You will get both a tights package AND bun kit to leave under the tree!⭐

And that wasn’t even the best part…purchase your gift by December 10th and enjoy the month of December on us! Aside from all of the goodies, your child will be learning so much more than dance lessons, but life lessons all along the way.

Now that you have found the perfect gift, grab your spot before they all close out! Financing options available. Click the link below to get started!

📞Questions? We are happy to help!

609-581-0808 or danceitup1062@gmail.com




 “Dance it up has been our home away from home for the past 3 years. Since our daughter started there at 2 years old up until now she looks forward to going each and every week. Every staff member at dance it up will make any bad day your having turn around. They are so positive, welcoming and understanding of each and every student that walks into their school. Their slogan “ we are more than just great dancing” is truly in everything they do. It is a community that welcomes everyone and that we are so grateful to be a part of. If you want your son or daughter to learn leadership skills, kindness, service and a love for dancing and music than this is your place!” -Crystal Devincenzi