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“Whew!  I got my workout in for the week!  This is a really great workout, I feel it in my legs. I don’t know how these girls do multiple classes in a row.” “Wow, I didn’t realize how much actually goes into planning classes/routines/spots…”
“I don’t have any rhythm, thank goodness they don’t take after me.”
“I don’t know how they do it and remember it all! It’s amazing!”

Last week in our studio we hosted parent participation week. These were the common takeaways as I heard buzz amongst the classrooms and lobby. These and many more!

We live life WITH you, so don’t wait just for Parent Participation week.  Stop by any week and take a peek;).  There is a reason we have full windows, sneak peek windows, and TV’s so you can ENJOY the growth live so you don’t miss a beat!

The funny thing is, in every class, the teachers toned down the lesson plans, the expectations, the technical questions, and the steps presented to create space for every guardian and child to shine. Still, all our adults were blown away by the amount of work and effort it took to execute it all. Guardians dancing shined when participating and dancers shined when performing for those observing.   

The similarities between teaching adults and kids are well….everything.  Both groups have fear, both are uncertain, both don’t want to be judged, both want to make another proud, and both want the shine but not have the light shine on them, not all the time at least! 

 In both groups, kids, and adults I saw heart.  I saw love.  I saw pride. I saw photo memories being taken. I saw excitement for growth. I saw awareness of where the dancers were growing and being challenged. I saw an understanding of why dance is hard, why growth is hard, and why it’s important to celebrate the progress no matter how big or small because everything these kids do takes COURAGE.

They have more courage than many of us adults have.  Courage to try the thing. Courage to do it scared. Courage to do it even when it’s uncomfortable  Courage to do it even when they feel inadequate. Courage to do it in front of the people they want to impress most in life, US, their parents.  That’s what we do at Dance It Up. We build confidence, we build courage, and we build leaders that have unbreakable faith in themselves. 

So if you got to enjoy the kids in class, I hope you saw yes, them having fun, yes, a peek into the classrooms, and yes a sample of just how much they do (remember we toned it down or we would have scared you away with splits…LOL). Most importantly I hope you saw professionals who care, I mean deeply care, kids who are learning MORE than just great dancing, and above all else made a core memory that will last with you forever.